Round Tables

Six Roundtables exist to provide a platform for how our member agencies and other stakeholders can raise issues and concerns.

Our 6 roundtables are:

  1. Arts, Culture, Language, Elders
  2. Children, Youth & Families
  3. Education, Training & Employment
  4. Health & Wellness
  5. Housing & Homelessness
  6. Justice

You do not have to be a member to participate at a roundtable. Roundtables serve to develop areas of interest or introduce initiatives before being discussed at the full Council level. These roundtables cover virtually every aspect of life.

Each Table is chaired by an MVAEC Council member and operates under a terms of reference. Tables consist of MVAEC members who work in the area, supported by invited community members, organizations, and other partners who share interest in the priority area and are willing to contribute their time, skills, and knowledge to help MVAEC fulfill our mandate. The Chair of each Table regularly reports back to the Council, and all major decisions are brought as recommendations to Council to
discuss, assess, and decide upon.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Round Tables, please contact us. As the need arises, each Table will reach out to community members, partners, and government agencies to invite them to volunteer their time, efforts, skills, and knowledge in a particular area to help us meet the needs of our community. Invitations may be for a one-time, short-term, or ongoing basis.