About the MVAEC

MVAEC recognizes the need for continued support of a united voice for the 40,000 Aboriginal people in the Metro Vancouver area.  MVAEC was incorporated as a society in 2009 and includes 25 Aboriginal organizations representing a diverse range of programs, services, and mandates across Metro Vancouver.

Through regular Council and Round Table meetings addressing priority areas, and other pro-active efforts, MVAEC has accomplished a great deal, and we continue to play a major leadership role in Metro Vancouver. MVAEC has successfully engaged many businesses, community organizations, and all levels of government in discussions and partnerships that will ultimately lead to benefits for the urban Aboriginal community. We welcome contact from individual organizations, city councils, and government departments who are interested in partnering with MVAEC to help build a stronger Metro Vancouver Region for all its citizens.

The Council meets regularly to discuss municipal, regional, provincial, and federal issues as they relate to urban off-reserve Aboriginal people. This is especially important, given that almost 60% of all Aboriginal people now live in urban centres. Despite this reality, there is very little acknowledgement of the unique needs of urban Aboriginal people, or investments to meet those needs. MVAEC’s goal is to ensure that all levels of government, both mainstream and Aboriginal, acknowledge this reality and provide meaningful and sustainable efforts, financial investments, and ongoing support to meet urban Aboriginal people’s short and long-term needs.

Mission Statement

"The MVAEC is a unified voice of Aboriginal Organizations, who strategically plan, advocate and positively influence outcomes that strengthen the service delivery and policies that impact our Metro Vancouver Urban Aboriginal Community.”


 • Through strong sectoral representation and broad-based coalition-building, strategically plan and effectively advocate on behalf of urban Aboriginal people in Metro Vancouver

• Engage the urban off-reserve Aboriginal community and solicit their input through forums, events, surveys, and other means

• Promote positive cross-cultural dialogue and relationship-building

• Form collaborative partnerships with diverse stakeholders to influence policy, and enhance resources and services to improve and increase positive outcomes for urban Aboriginal people in the region

• Promote, strengthen, and advocate for resource equity and sustainability for urban Aboriginal organizations

Who Can Join MVAEC and Attend A Meeting?

Application for membership in MVAEC is open to all off-reserve urban Aboriginal not-for-profit service-providing organizations that meet all membership criteria, and will affirm their commitment to upholding our constitution and bylaws.

If your organization meets all of the following criteria, your organization may be eligible for membership on the Metro Vancouver Aboriginal Executive Council:

  1. Is an Aboriginal not-for-profit community organization in good standing with the British Columbia Registrar of Societies
  2. Is an off-reserve urban organization
  3. Operates within the boundaries of Metro Vancouver
  4. Provides programs and/or services to Metro Vancouver urban Aboriginal people
  5. Your Board of Directors will write a letter affirming your Executive Director’s participation on MVAEC on behalf of your organization
  6. Will affirm a commitment to and actively work towards achieving MVAEC’s purposes and goals

If your organization meets all of these criteria, it may be eligible for membership in MVAEC. If you are invited to join MVAEC, only your Executive Director (or equivalent) may attend MVAEC Council meetings (other staff may be invited to sit on one of our Tables).  

If your organization’s Board of Directors is interested in finding out more or applying for membership, please contact us.  Applicant organizations will be notified in writing after a decision has been made.  Please note that we will strive to review and make recommendations on applications as quickly as possible. However, we only meet monthly, and may need time to confirm information on your application.

Additional opportunities for those applicants that do not meet the requirements for MVAEC membership may include an invitation to contribute to one of our Round Tables or participation in community forums, surveys, and other outreach and consultation activities that MVAEC will conduct on an ongoing basis to ensure we are meeting the needs of the Metro Vancouver urban Aboriginal community.

More About MVAEC

> Download PDF - Terms of Reference for the Governance
> Download PDF - Constitution Bylaws

~ Our History ~


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